Wedding policy at Scent & Violet


It is our wish that your special day be as beautiful and as memorable as you are. Wedding flowers are that exquisite touch that will tie everything together, and it is our hope that you will have your dream wedding. Such a great obligation requires some clear understanding of rules and policies. They are set here to protect everyone involved and to offer security to all parties.

Booking the date:

Since we limit the number of weddings, to book your wedding date on our calendar we require $250.00 deposit. Date is reserved on the first-come first-served basis. Please keep in mind that our estimate does not guarantee availability for particular date. Your wedding is booked on our calendar when we receive your deposit. This deposit will be applied towards your wedding flowers at the date of your wedding, but is non-refundable should you cancel for any reason at any time.


Balance is due 4 (four) weeks prior to the wedding date. We cannot place order for your flowers unless we receive payment from you. If the balance is not received 3 weeks prior to the wedding date, we cannot guarantee availability of the flowers discussed.


One hour initial consultation and 30 minutes final review are free of charge. Please note that your consultation has to be scheduled during regular business hours, and has to be in person. We offer unlimited follow-up consultation via email, free of charge.

For any additional in-person consultations or, consultation outside the regular business hours we charge $75.00 per hour.


Our proposal will outline your preferred colors and or flowers. Every effort will be made to obtain the flower varieties you have chosen, but occasionally a specified flower variety is not available from our suppliers, or only available in poor condition. We reserve the right to use our professional expertise to substitute another flower that will maintain the same look and value for your wedding flowers.


You will sign and receive a copy of our wedding contract which will specifically outline all flowers and services agreed upon. Any changes made after the contract has been agreed upon must be made in writing and signed by you.


For any cancellation requested at least four weeks prior to the wedding, we will refund your entire payment minus any additional consultation fees.

For cancellations and/or changes made during the twenty seven (27) days prior to the wedding, we will decide each refund on a case-by-case basis, in order to be reimbursed for flowers already purchased or work already completed.


Never hesitate to voice all your questions and/or concerns. Communication is very important and ensures the best possible results. You can always reach us via email. Please keep us up to date with any changes to your wedding plans and your flower order, and plan to schedule a final review meeting in person four to six weeks before your wedding. 

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