Art Print - Ruby Jezebel in Houston, TX

Art Print - Ruby Jezebel


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Ruby Jezebel Unicorn and her daughter, Jackpot Flame, love audio books. They allow the ladies to listen together, invariably pausing every few sentences to ping ideas off of each other. This pastime is incredibly inspiring; lately, they have become ever more motivated by the ‘live your dream’ books that bridge the personal growth and business genres. How fabulous to build a business doing what one loves because, of course, money is energy and freedom of choice. And for them, this choice would be to offer the same freedom to others. But, they wondered, “What do we want to do? What does the world want; what does it need?”. They settled in to mind-map it out, and the answer was clear:  to believe. To believe in dreams; in love; in goodness; in ideas; in passion; in health; in things intangible, often illusive. Things that dance around our fingers, waiting, wanting for us to reach out to them. In a flash, Ruby and Jack spoke in unison: A rainbow. They would, and did, build a rainbow-making machine. They named their fledgling company ‘Excelsior’, meaning ‘ever upward’, symbolic of both the rainbows and their dreams.  The prototype was ready: a steam-driven machine with every part, right down to the last bolt, custom-made and hand-tooled. Giddy with excitement, they wheeled their deviceful contraption to the riverside.  The water was so clear and pure, they were certain the rainbow would mirror in clarity.  Ruby manned the crank, turning cautiously from Stop to Half to Full, and then all the way to Double. It was magnificent! They stood in awe. And every mid-morning since, Ruby and Jack head to their favourite lush pasture for a brunch-and-business meeting, and a rainbow. The units are now in full production, and business is booming.  Rainbows fill their lives and, of course, there is the proverbial pot of gold. The best part?  Everyone, everywhere, can create their very own rainbows too.

Size: 8" x 10"

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