Surfside bouquet  in Houston, TX

Surfside bouquet


Why not name this fresh bouquet after our own Surfside, Galveston? This bouquet reminds us of all the colors of the sea. Did we mention our Surfside bouquet is long lasting? Capturing the color of the waves and hoping the surf is good, our bouquet is handmade to order and available for delivery in greater Houston area.

Approximate size: 8" W X 9" H

Flowers: hydrangea, roses, and seasonal green flowers

Size and upgrade: Above images and listed sizes are approximate representations of the product and may not always be to scale. Each upgrade is unique to the arrangement. It increases the amount of flowers in the arrangement and overall fullness, not necessarily the height or the width of the arrangement. Most of the bouquets are designed

Please Note: The above images are approximate representations of different product sizes and may not be to scale. Any product where an upgrade is purchased will be increased by the dollar value of the upgrade. This may vary by store or region.



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