Small ceramic dish garden  in Houston, TX

Small ceramic dish garden


Lovely selection of green plants is gathered to create a lush garden served in a ceramic dish. Now you can have your own tabletop garden. It is a great gift to send as a housewarming gift or congratulations on a new business. It is appropriate gift for a hospital, and makes also a lasting sympathy gift that family can keep long after the funeral service is over. Small ceramic dish garden can be delivered withing greater Houston area by Scent & Violet florist.

Approximate overall size 9" W X 13" H

Not so small print: Plant selection varies. Ceramic containers are always different design and color, yet they make impressive gift.

The above image is approximate representation of product and may not be to scale.

Any product where an upgrade is purchased will be increased by the dollar value of the upgrade. Upgrade generally stands for more flowers, and fuller overall look.


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