Tabletop Christmas Trees 

We have great selection of decorated, lightly decorated and undecorated Tabletop Christmas Trees starting at $15 ea. We also make floral tabletop Christmas Trees. Each tree is decorated individually and is available for pick-up, delivery, or cemetery placement. Call us at 281-761-6300 for more information



Tabletop Christmas trees price list: 

Small burlap tree (undecorated) 20" high: $15
Small tabletop tree (undecorated) 24" high : $25
Small burlap tree with pinecones and berries : $40
Small tabletop tree with pinecones and berries : $60
Small burlap tree (fully decorated) : $60
Small tabletop tree (fully decorated) : $80 

Please note that each tree is created individually per designer's flair. Different pricing applies for custom designed/decorated trees.